How to approach women anywhere

Here's an ultimate blueprint for approaching women anyhwere and any time.

1. Just say your name.

Forget about those pick up lines dude, they make you look like a regular guy. Just say your name and you're off for a great conversation.

2. Say "you look like someone I'd like to know"

When you see her across a room or outside, lock eye with her 'til you get closer and tell her. While it's an instant flirt, it's also felt as a compliment, which gets you some credit.

3. Say, "it's look like you want to buy me a drink" or "you want to buy me a drink?"

Now you'll get her off-guard by your reversed approach. Instead asking offering to buy her a drink, you're suggesting otherwise. Girls appreciate this kind of mood. Why? I don't know.

4"Want to see my awesome abs?"

Now, this is going to be more exciting if you don't look to have abs or when you're totally not in good shape. Women love it when a guy teases himself. It shows that you're comfortable of your body and bold enough to share the less flattering side of your person.

5. "I have that exact same suit" You can replace the suit with anything relevant, but the key here is to get her more comfortable being around you by imposing some sense of compatibility. Realizing you have something in common, a woman feels attached to you automatically.

6. "Hi, can I buy you a drink?"

This is very important to buy the time to impress her with your cocky personality, and her attention toward you. You don't need to buy expensive drinks, just make sure you drink together, making the conversation flow to the end.

7. "You know what material this is?"

If she grabs your shirt and ask "what material is this?" tell her "boyfriend material". If she didn't, grab one of her things and ask her the same thing. If she failed, (because she will) tell her "it's a "girlfriend material." It's a cocky mannerism that every girl feels cheesy about.

8. "Sorry but you owe me a drink, because when I saw you I dropped mine"

This is kind of like pick up lines but believe me, it's so flattering as shattering as anything. The teasers complement, usually to get her attention, making the both of you really comfortable and open towards each other.

9. "You're so cute, I forgot what I was going to say"

Now you're being honest about your vulnerability at the moment. Probably she's heard "you're so cute" many times from both players and gentle guys, but now you're making yourself less of a player and non of a gentleman.

10. “If I were to ask you out on a date, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?”

This is really earth shattering. It gives them no time to think before the "yes", and practically gets the thinking aftarwards. But yet, that "yes" would make her stumped, wanting to continue a conversation with you.

11. “I bet you $20 you’re going to turn me down”

Although this is more accurate if get the feel that this woman is going to turn you down, it's also effective on a girl that really likes you. First, you've gotten the rejection in her checked. Secondly, she don't want to be sensed as a rejecter, so she automatically becomes curious about the reason why you said that.

12. “You are like a candy bar: half sweet and half nuts”

This should be a say in between a conversation or after. It's a important to show her how sweet she might be, even if not completely. You get respected. It shows you're paying close attention to her. You make yourself a cultivator!

13. “Hey somebody farted. Let’s get out of here”

You want to go out with her, you want to be alone with her. This is a classic strategy to distract her thoughts about your intents, to the giggle about the disgusting bodily function. This statement is best applied where it's going to take effect. She'll also feel at ease and intuitively succumb to go out with you.

14. “Are you going to kiss me or do I have to lie to my diary?”

Leaving her with no choice, a girl feels excited, knowing that she's now allowed to make the first move. It shows you're comfortable, portraying yourself as girly.