What Guys Notice About You First

Ever wondered what a guy thinks of you when you meet the first time or while staring at you from a distance?

Today's the end of the wonder game, here are exactly what men look at and what they think of you.

Now I'm not talking about boys. I'm talking about real men, I mean made men, who can secure a reasonable relationship.

1. Your sense of style.

Every grown man knows that a woman must have a sense of style. It must not be specific. But a guy that has his eyes on you is looking at how you dress, to figure out what you like and what you are like.

2. Your hair.

Actually, a guy doesn't think much about the type or where it comes from. All he has on mind is how it looks on you. Hairstyle changes your face, any unique style gives you a unique look.

Furthermore, guys love wavy hair but hate messy hair as hell. A guy can be cute with a messy hair, but regardless of her personality, outfits and other styles, a woman with a messy hair always looks like she hasn't showered in days.

3. The level of your confidence

This is really unconscious but your level of confidence determine his level of confidence in approaching you. It also, subconsciously, influence his level of interest toward your personality.

4. Who you hang out with

Your boy friends and girl friends can tell a lot about the kind of person you are. While guys love to be with flirty confident girls, a guy who desire a decent relationship likes the moderate confident but less flirty girl.

5. Your going-out makeup

Heavy makeup is a real turn off even to boys, talkmore of men. To me, it's really obnoxious to go out with a girl caked in makeup, because it changes the face completely, and if not for the body, I hardly recognize their real face later on.

6. Your walk.

Fast, slow, majestic, anxious, gracous, etc, your walk tells much about your heart, but the straight gracious woman-walk is more appreciable to men.

How about you gurlz? What do you first notice about the boys?